Nazi vs Niazi


By Wasib Imdad

Kashmir remains troubled. Things are way worse than how they actually are reported, even by the Pakistani press. The latest tweet of Indian Journalist Rana Ayyub is in front of me. She states that she is just back from Kashmir and the situation over there is nightmarish. Not even the twelve-year-olds are spared as they are detained and beaten in midnight raids. Women are threatened with rape. Young boys are abducted, disappeared by force and even are given electric shocks; their families don’t know their whereabouts. The valley yearns for what we call a normal day. Food and daily necessities are scarce. She says that the people, to some extent are suppressed by the month old curfew. Hate, but, is dwelling. She reports that she hasn’t seen the public abhor the Indian media ever before. This is the situation, at its raw, on ground.

Khan keeps his tweet-plomacy up and running. Not sparing a day that he punctiliously attacks the ideology of RSS and keeps uncovering its masqueraded physiognomy.  What he did best is the terming Modi’s latest stride as a ‘21st century neo-Nazism’, a term that instantly catches the eye of the world media, which heavily is Jewish dominated, who, upon hearing the murmurs of Nazism, feel their blood curdling.

Many question as to what the RSS ideology really is? Why is it so dangerous to the minorities residing in India? Tough ask, but I’ve tried to make it easy for the young minds to understand. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS for short, means the National Patriotic Organization. Founded on 27th September 1925 by Keshav Baliram, it aimed for the formation, and after the formation, the perfection of a Hindu Rashtra. Formation meant loosening the British grip, perfection means sweeping the Muslims off. Its whiff in the air on the Indian side of the border means the death of Nehru, Gandhi and Kalam’s once secular India, and the strengthening of racial and ethnic extremism; The absolutism of Hindutva.

The patterns of the past are traceable and building upon them, the future is palpable. The RSS leaders have always, in broad daylight, admired Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Golwalkar, who was the second supreme leader of the RSS, used to vehemently admire Adolf Hitler’s ideology of racial purity. The RSS leaders were supportive of the Jewish State of Israel. Golwalkar commended the Jews for propagating their religion and keeping their culture pure. The RSS activists termed the partition of India as the result of a soft line towards the Muslims. The RSS followers openly oppose the tricolored Indian flag, propagating the idea that the saffron colored flag should be the flag of India, which they name as Bhagwa Dhwaj. According to them, the tricolored Indian flag is injurious to the Hindutva doctrine. Saffron is a sacred color, the color of Hinduism and the color of sacrifice for the Hindutva cause. Modi, insulting the National flag on the international Yoga Day in 2016, can now be understood.

Stephen Etkons, in his book ‘Encyclopedia of Modern Worldwide extremists and extremist groups’, states that besides openly sponsoring Hindutva views and spreading venom against Muslims for the spread of its dogma, the RSS opened charities and schools. As per data by the early 1990s, there were 6,000 RSS schools and 26,000 clubs. The militant most wing of the RSS has been the Bajrang Dal. At first the RSS directed most of the militancy toward Muslims, but this hostility was extended to Buddhists and Christians in the 1990s. The RSS was banned a third time in 1992, after the RSS and Shiv Sena activists destroyed Babri Masjid, claiming that it had been built on the birth site of the Hindu god Ram (Ram Janam Bhoomi). Earlier, they were banned when Nathuram Godse, a current RSS hero, killed Gandhi due to his steps for the Hindu-Muslim unity.

India’s first president Rajendra Prasad too, did not approve the RSS. He spoke of the group as a threat to public peace, only living to kill loot and harm the Muslims of Delhi and other Hindu majority areas. He asked the then Home minister and India’s first deputy prime minister Vallabhai Patel to take strict action against the group for creating enmity amongst the Muslims and Hindus of India. The Christians accuse the RSS to be the warmth of the Gujarat violence and the religious fights in Odisha.

For the first times since its birth, Pakistan seems to have come out of the confused stance of either siding with the Ummah, or understanding the dynamics of being a nation-state. It seems to at last understand that gone are the days to cling to the emotionally charged phrases ‘tied by faith’ and ‘bound by a common religion’ or being the ‘Muslim brethren’. It is trade, mutual assistance and the influx of cash that tops the list when deciding friends and foes. Research got me some figures that I need to get past you, the readers, to clear up any confusion, if any, about where the globe is heading.

India’s trade with Turkey stands at $7 billion whereas Pakistan’s trade with Turkey stands at $69 crore only. Saudi Arabia’s trade with India reaches well over $27 billion whereas Pakistan’s trade with the Saudi brethren stays at only $3.6 billion. Pakistan’s trade with Malaysia is $1.2 billion whereas India’s trade with Malaysia is of a whopping $17 billion. Iran’s trade with India reaches the $13 billion mark whereas its trade with Pakistan stays at $1.3 billion only.

India is UAE’s second biggest trading partner and UAE is India’s third. India’s investment in UAE costs over $55 billion. Indians are the biggest investors in Dubai. The day Modi scrapped article 35A and 370 which gave some sense of recognition to the Kashmiris was the same day when ARAMCO, a Saudi based company, made the biggest investment by buying 20% shares of Reliance, an Indian company, giving a direct investment of $15 billion. India is all set with its ties with Palestine as well as Israel. There are 70 lakh Indians residing in the Gulf, and out of every 3 UAE citizens, one is an Indian. Indians in Saudi Arabia too are the largest in number after Saudis themselves.

March this year, when UAE hosted a session of OIC in Abu Dhabi, after the India-Pakistan heated episode of February, India’s Sushma Swaraj was the honorary guest in the Foreign Ministers meet. Shah Mehmood Qureshi who boycotted the session was not cared for by any Muslim ‘brotherly’ state.

The writer is an Islamabad based Broadcast Journalist. He tweets @wasib25