Sheer waste

OIC is good for nothing




It is hard to disagree with people who say that OIC has been a sheer waste of time, resources and emotions of innocent Muslims who never suspected the outfit of selling the soul to devil.

In the beginning it had all the trappings of a successful forum that could wield considerable influence on the world stage diplomatically. It could also have set up its own fund to not only support the poor Muslim countries but finance other projects outside of its block to earn more money. The potential was there but the intent was not. There are rich Arab countries that even the West banks on for their trade. There are countries like Pakistan and Egypt and Iran and Turkey with powerful and disciplined armies. Pakistan has nuclear weapons too. Muslims are the second largest in terms of numbers. The very same countries having influence in one sphere or other have chosen to side with other countries for their own interests resulting in a weaker bond within the Muslim world.

Unlike the Arab League or the African Union, the OIC could not establish itself as an entity that helped foster fraternity among Islamic nations and speak up for their rights.

The bureaucracy of the OIC has, however, been in place and has been doing the paperwork as and when needed. There are countless statements and resolutions by it that are not worth the paper they are printed on.

The crises of Palestine and Kashmir are there for everyone to see since the end of the World War II. Then there was Bosnia and Chechnya and more lately the Rohingya crisis but not a whimper from the Muslim world. All are left to their own devices.

Former Senate chairman Raza Rabbani speaking in the upper house of the Parliament last week said “the bubble of an Islamic ummah has burst.” He highlighted the role of Gulf States that have signed multibillion dollar deals in the aftermath of the scrapping of Kashmir’s autonomy and showered him with praise and awards. Considering this not enough to please the 1.25-billion-strong nation the UAE issued a statement calling Kashmir as India’s internal matter. These are the same people we have been chauffeuring around when they visited us.

Leaving any forum is never advisable, particularly the one that you are a founder member of and that has more than 50 members on its roll. The frustration with the body expressed by Rabbani, nevertheless, is justified and the member countries should look to address them if they were to have a say in the international arena.