Weekly Reflections: Need for great Hussainee spirit


Dr. Abdul Saboor

The renowned historians of the world have always been stunned before the unmatchable courage and unswerving will power of Imam Hussain (RA) who fought against the onslaught of cruel forces with the weapons of divine truth. Such a truth soundly suggests that right always dominates the wrong in such a remarkable manner that the advocates of the wrong remain ashamed forever in the annals of history. None can find any kingdom in the history of mankind where the ‘Sacred Prince’ offers not only his own beautiful blood and soul but that of his whole family for the sanctity and settlement of truth of all the incoming kingdoms in the world.

The Great Sacrifice of Imam Hussain has marked the history for real truth once for all. Had there not been such an iron wall against the chauvinism of Yazidi forces, the brutality would have ruled the world in the years to come. This sacrifice has actually saved the humanity from the jingoism of all kinds of wrong forces for all times to come. It has been determined for the coming generations to finally identify and realize who is with the Right and who is with the Wrong. The difference between the right and the wrong becomes transparent and translucent.

Once it becomes understood that the brutal forces are significantly high in power and strength but the spiritual faith of the ‘Master of Paradise’ could not be shaken. Great Imam (RA) is actually quite clear that surrendering and siding with the cruel rulers may leave an impression among the Ummah that the truth has no power. He speaks the full truth and showed the complete faith. He knows that half truth is more dangerous than even the entire lies. He realizes the fact that some great sacrifices are required to counter the cruelty and to protect the righteous for a right cause. He gives a golden turn to the pages of history by offering his sacred blood.

This ‘Great Sacrifice’ has left a grand lesson for the humanity in general and for the Muslim Ummah in particular. The core of the lesson is that whenever there is a conflict and crisis situation, one should never remain in doubt. One should be ready to side with the right even if one has to pass through the burning inferno of circumstances. There is no place for those who are advocating the Satanic ideas. Only spiritual ideas rule in the world of truth and that truth takes the shape of a golden truth if blood and soul is offered to preserve it. This is a kind of Hussainee spirit which reflects in all success stories.

Hussainee spirit is truly needed in every walk of life. It is required in the character building of our youth who remains in distrust and doubt. We must know that purpose of life should not be to follow the Satanic and Yazidiat path but a path of right and truth so that Allah’s and His Prophet’s RAZA could be achieved. Youth needs to be trained to raise their voice against the evil forces. A spirit of sacrifice needs to be created among them. This is only possible if some specific arrangements are made for spiritual raining of the youth. They must be sensitized that the race for material gains cannot be won.

Apparent defeat is actually an eternal victory. To win for ever and enjoy the eternal recognition, sometimes some of the precious lives are to be donated. When Allah accepts such a donation, the life of a huge chunk of humanity is secured and protected. This is what has really been exemplified by the Great Imam. And this is the connotation of Hussainiat which brings miracles if adopted as full letter and spirit in all walks of life. Our leaders should take this lesson for playing winning stokes in economic and political fronts.

Even in the knowledge front one needs to probe whether the traditional learning we are taking in our conventional institutions is leading us to western kind of secular wisdom that may serve the purpose of their capitalistic world or it is directing us to the real truth that serve the purpose of righteousness. Unfortunately satanic and secular forces are standing in the way which alarms us to come up with spiritual and sacred knowledge. Now it is like a Hussainee passion to fight for the Divine Wisdom and Heavenly Truths. This is only possible if we get ready to work hard day and night to learn the useful knowledge as narrated in Quran and Sunnah.

Other than the religious narratives, Hussainee spirit is reflected in all the mankind in their adventures and advances towards the welfare of people. The universality of this spirit testifies the truth that supporting the cruel is never justified. Even in the west, sober and morally sound communities raise their voice in favour of universal truths. They strongly believe that rights of Palestine are ruthlessly being subjugated and the voice of Kashmiris is being violently snubbed through inhuman ways and means. A good number of people in UK, Europe and Newzealand are standing in favour of deprived communities on the scale of justice and morality. Some reflections of Hussaniat are apparent even among non-Muslims.

There is no denying the fact that Muslim Ummah is under great social, economic and political stress which can only be relieved if Hussainee spirit is mobilized in our internal and external policies. But in order to be more powerful in this spirit, we will have to be united by activating and reorganizing OIC in line with the Hussaniat. We must know that unity was the implicit argument of the grandson (RA) of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Followers of unity took his side but others preferred to be degraded in the path of yazidiat.

Pakistan being the great hope of Muslim Ummah, is standing at the critical juncture of history where right and wrong should be clearly separated once for all so that the external forces could be countered if any likely act of brutality comes up. Though quite a tough task to segregate the right people from the wrong ones but some litmus test may be applied. Righteous ones always think beyond their petty interests. They are always ready to surrender their benefits for a big cause of the nation and Ummah. They do not have lust for power. Following the spirit of Imam Hussain (RA), they never compromise on principles. Above all, they respond any kind of challenge with Hussainee spirit.




Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk