Student’s death

Can it get any worse?




A teenage boy studying in class 10 was beaten to death by his teacher in a private school in Lahore. He was subjected to this brutal treatment for failing to memorise his lessons. It was all done in the presence of his class mates who tried to stop the teacher from beating the already fainting boy but he did not stop. The said teacher is reported to have a violent past and was once fired from the school but was able to make his way back.

The surprising thing that such beatings were routinely reported from public sector schools and seminaries whereas this school was the so called English Medium school where parents pay through their nose to get their children a decent education.

Another striking thing is in today’s world when the teaching techniques and methods have gone beyond rote-learning, the hapless Hunain was beaten for not learning the text by heart.

There is a law that was enacted in 2005 that prohibited all kind of physical punishment to the students. This incident highlights that the law is neither enforced in letter and spirit not the teachers have adequate awareness about it. The government needs to step in to enforce the law and make an example out of such teachers and schools that do not value the human life.

Also in the recent days we heard news of physical violence by the police officials. Salahud Din, a mentally challenged young man died in police custody. Barely days ago, a private torture cell being run by police officials in Lahore came to light.

Is physical violence part of our culture where the weaker one is, the more likely they will be violated physically. To tackle this all pervasive menace, the society as well as the government will need to come up with a comprehensive strategy. Or we will keep losing our future to these violent behaviours.