CPO directs to stay vigilant against banned outfits during Muharam





City Police Officer Rawalpindi Muhammad Faisal Rana has directed to keep a close eye on the banned outfits during Muharam-ul-Harram.

Addressing a high level meeting here, he said that the social media accounts of extremists must be monitored and in case they post any hate material, stern legal action will be taken against the perpetrators.

All resources will be used for the purpose of maintaining law and order in Muharam-ul-Harram adding that sacred month gives us a lesson of brotherhood and coherence.

Aerial surveillance will also be ensured to monitor any negative activity, he added.

Meanwhile, Police have arrested organizer and others for holding a Muharram procession without permission of the city administration.

According to details, police held Syed Jaffar Hussain Shah, Babar Hussain Shah, Jabbir Hussain Shah and 10 to 15 unknown persons in People’s Colony for arranging untraditional and un-licensed Muharram procession.

Race Course police have registered separate cases against all of them and started further investigation.

City Police Officer (CPO) Capt ® Muhammad Faisla Rana said       Rawalpindi Police are alert to provide foolproof security to the licensed & traditional processions and all the available resource are being utilized for the purpose.

He said that strict action will be taken against any violation of the National Action Plan and Rawalpindi Police would take all possible steps to maintain peace in the city.