60 days

Repression of 8 million continues




After the PM’s UNGA speech as we move on with our daily worries we tend to lose count of the number of days the held Kashmir people have been under the cruel repression. But the people there are counting each day. Social media is abuzz with videos and pictures that international media was able to capture there. Kashmiri people who happen to be outside of the valley are continually reminding the world that it is 60 days and yet no end to curfew was in sight.

Only the other day, the New York Times displayed huge pictures from the valley and urged India to lift the inhuman restrictions on the hapless people. It also opined that India won’t be able to continue it for very long.

Pakistan’s prime minister too during his speech had said that once the curfew was lifted, there shall be bloodbath for people who are locked in their houses in inhuman conditions, and the children and youth that are being kept at undisclosed locations shall, given the opportunity, retaliate and retaliate furiously.

There was some hope in the apex court that was approached to order for reinstatement of article 370 that it will act fast in the best interest of human rights. After some initial reprobation to improve rights situation by a senior judge, the court itself has given some four weeks to the Indian government to submit its reply to the petitions. This means Modi government has four more weeks at least to continue with the inhuman treatment of Kashmiris in the name of ‘welfare’ there. It is unfortunate. This is about 8 million people who are without food and life saving medicines and with no link with the outside world.

The PM;s initiative of reminding  the world of what was going on there every week had some wisdom to it. And it should be continued lest the world becomes immun