War Cabinet





By Wasib Imdad


Islamabad is talking and awaiting Maulana. Winters have crept up with its airs and the city needs to molten up its cold stagnant nights. Maulana and his 15 Lakh strong fandom is ready to march from every nook and cranny of the country and as the 27th of this month draws nearer, things are only getting serious though to some, even in the power corridors, may have seemed, initially, as laughing stock.  We are up with the UNGA euphoria and now it’s time to face the music at the center stage

Khan never takes a day off of his tough stance on his political opponents. It’s the one thing that he has kept off his U-turn list. Even though the morning leads don’t give him much to brag about in terms of his internal governance, at the back of his mind, he is deeply satisfied with being on a single page with whom it matters. Let’s see till when, this satisfaction keeps his heart warm.

If someone asks me about what has been PTI’s actual success after a year in power, the answer is the safeguarding of Imran Khan’s image and integrity. He still has his voters unfazed on the stance that their leader is non-corrupt, financially un-stained and untiring when it comes to steering the country forth wards. The worst of his opposers too allege that those besides him are looters and plunderers; they rant about Aleema Baji and Aleem Khan, speak a bit about Tareen’s helicopters but don’t say a word, in monetary terms, about the man in the center. And he actually isn’t. Who argues?

The extent to which I am confident about Imran Khan being economically un-blotted, I am scared about him being ill-informed about the actual sitch of affairs on ground. He was told that Maulana isn’t coming to Islamabad and all the buzz about opposition meets is a mere storm in teacup i.e. only pressure tactics. He was fed that matters with the businessmen are sorted out. He was told that the opposition is in cracks. He was kept unacquainted about halted process of plea bargains. He was misinformed about money stashed on foreign lands and the procedure to bring it back and of course, he wasn’t exactly told about the thinking amongst the masses about the governmental policies. Things however are turning out to be way bitterer.

Recently in my write-ups, I have always pressed upon Imran Khan’s need for a war cabinet. A team, comprising of jacks of all trades, not necessarily needed to be announced or shutter stocked on the media, but just his on-call men who could come up with actual ways of cleansing off the mud of crises. Those currently in place are the Microsoft Power Point lovers fond of painting a merry image far away from the public pulse on ground.

Maulana needs to be engaged in talks. This is what the need of the hour is. In a public address yesterday, he himself has wished to be called by the Army Chief. If the unwritten is read this is what he is seeking; relevance in the current political setting. If given some sort of an adjustment he would be the first one himself needling air out of his dharna balloon. Just like Zardari, while in presidency, checkmated Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri with a hoax named Islamabad Declaration, which at first saw rounds of dances and celebrations, later turning to cries of non-compliance. Mediators need to be put to the plug and play mode. The country cannot stand to a blow of dharna politics currently.

Financial condition is frail. This is the month which would disclose whether we are staying in the grey list of the FATF or going down the black tunnel. Kashmir needs to be re-pondered upon with a Plan B as the Plan A comprising of diplomatic mobility and the UNGA speech seems exhausted. At this time, the last thing that the country could stand to, in terms of stability, is a dharna crowd right at its throat in Islamabad. A crowd being emotionally pumped with the hoax of a religious motive, not having the slightest idea to where actually they are being taken and what purpose is actually being served of them. A crowd, void of its own capacity to think, driven by a man who could go to any extent to gain his tax payer rented flat in the Parliament Lodges, some relevance and of course an escape from the tag of a twelfth man.

For those amongst the governing lot who are satisfied at the evident cracks amongst the opposing lot must get into senses. While the songs turn on, anyone un-willing could turn willing to show his moves at the dance floor. PPP and N league can also join in to give the last push, if fall gets on the cards. It is the task of the PTI government to make sure that the volume of their good governance and economic successes must make any opposing tunes un-audible.

At a time where the internal and external enemies of the state are waiting their turn to cause stir and instability at any cost, a dharna crowd, if allowed with a set of aggressive and slandering statements coming from the hefty mouthed PTI spokespersons, would grant the veiled devils a tailor made scenario to cater to their trouble making cravings. In case of any mismanagement, loss to life and property could result in a state of anarchy and total mess. Things however need to be dealt with delicate touches and not with an iron fist.

4 days talks between the US and the Afghan Taliban delegations, led by Zalmay Khalilzad and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar respectively, have ended in Islamabad. Both sides have moved positively to sign a peace pact. Pakistan now should, in return, ask for its due share from the US about its mediatory stance on Kashmir.


The writer is an Islamabad based Broadcast Journalist. He tweets @wasib25