KP conservatism

New surprise every other day



Map it in your mind and you will know it is a mindset that is spread across the hilly province. In Chitral, the JUIF local leaders raised their objection to Ismaili community establishing their places of worship. Haripur issued a notification making it mandatory for girls to cover themselves from head to toe as they go to school. Later upon much protest, the official concerned said it was done on the insistence of the parents and that it was only meant to protect girls from voyeurism on their way to and from schools. Peshawar followed the suit and issued similar instructions.

Mardan went a step ahead. In Shabqadar tehsil, a PTI local leader spent some Rs100,000 and bought shuttlecock burqas for all the students. One queer picture that emerged on social media of a classroom there, all girls donning burqas, created quite a debate.

Charsadda barbers association banned styling of beards for men. The barbers have displayed notices saying they have stopped making stylish beards for men as that was ‘against Islam’. Peshawar too is witnessing this trend. A video that vent viral on social media, it can be seen an association leader censuring a barber for going against the decision of the association. According to a report, police arrested four barbers and instituted a case against them. Later however there was a denial by the district’s top cop.

Earlier in Manshehra , religious groups threatened barbers with consequences if they did not stop their sinful practices.

Cant’ we leave it to the good judgement of the people to decide what is best for them and their children? Why does it have to come from the administration to decide upon the moral issues and code of conduct for them? Of all the parties, the PTI came to power at the back of reforms agenda and conservatism certainly was not part of it. They are governing the province for the second consecutive term. This time around they have two thirds majority there. By the end of this term, they won’t have any excuse in terms of ‘turns’ and time. They would then be judged on par with other parties. The real issues of the province are law and order, provision of justice, education and health. The doctors there are protesting for two weeks now and the ministers instead of listening to their grievance were found ridiculing them. Priorities need to be set right. This province is meant to be the hub of tourism for both local as well as foreign travelers. If this moral policing at the behest of a narrow vision backed by a political government continues, one wonders what would attract the tourists there. Look westward to Saudi Arabia and see what steps they are taking to become a tourist destination at par with UAE.