Saulat refused annual audit of ISGS expenses



Rana Mushtaq


Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources’ sub-department ISGS Head Mobin Saulat has refused audit of the company’s billions of rupees expenses, sources said on Tuesday.

Following the situation, Auditor General of Pakistan Javed Jahangir has lodged complaint with the Parliament as well as President Arif Alvi for seeking comprehensive report on the expenses of the ISGS.

According to the law, every public department sends its financial expenses related documents to AGP office for audit every year. The sources said that billions of rupees corruptions can surface if the AGP office conduct fair and transparent audit of its annual expenses.

A senior source aware about the company’s expenses said the purpose of refusing audit is to avoid billions of rupees corruptions. He also claimed that the relevant officials were tempering with the documents to hide their corruption.

It is pertinent to mention her that the officers in the department draw salary worth Rs1.6 million per month, despite the fact that many are not qualified for the posts. They said the department has recommended TAPI project’s estimated cost Rs40 billion while the monthly salary of ISGS MD Rs4 million. To close officials’ mouths to speak against corruption, a special account has been established. The company’s annual expenses are over Rs 40 million per year.

At the name of project, the company officers have made several international visit casting millions of rupees to the national exchequer. The officers have been offered shopping at expensive stores in abroad as well.

The sources said that Mobin Saulat has appointed his close friend as general manager in the company. Billions of rupees have been looted at the name of Gawdar and Nawab Shah Gas pipelines. The company was established some two decades ago but no projected could be complete in its entire life.

The head of the company had earned Rs460 billion during PPP government and Rs20 billion during PML-N was in power.