Fake instructions

Symptoms of sick mentality




It is worrying to say the least that the adherents of certain political ideology could never accept their opponent’s view even if it made sense to them. Views and opinions are set in stone for us. You could come up with an idea that is worth a Nobel yet it would be trashed by your political opponents in a jiffy, for the mere fact that it has come from the ‘other’ camp.

We remember how the people from the ‘right’ had commented on participation of women in the PTI rallies and sit-in. They had called the practice against the moral values, and other things that equated a girl dancing to a party number to being a ‘mujra girl’.

Now that the roles of various political actors have been reversed, the PTI walas are trying to come up with an equally bizarre view of what would transpire in the JUIF led Azadi March. There is an instructions chart circulating on the social media that outlines the parameters for the participants on what they could and could not do during the sit-in. The purported document also takes a dig at the perceived practice of sodomy among the seminary students. Another notification, again fake, has been issued in the name of deputy commissioner Islamabad that pledges to take measures to ensure that no ‘immoral acts’ took place during the imminent political gathering.

This attitude of painting all the seminary students as part of one ‘sodomy club’ is as shameful as was the ‘mujra’ comment for the PTI gatherings. This should immediately be put an end to. And the FIA and other departments concerned should take action against those spreading the fake news and indulging in indecent behavior.