Rules flouted in appointment of Pims official

Sources say Pims DED is allegedly supporting illegal activities of clerical staff



Qazi Ziyad


The big bosses of Pakistan Institute o f Medical Sciences (PIMS) has promoted a blue eyed lower division clerk (LDC) to the rank of law officer illegally by violating merit.

The sources told this scribe that a LDC Imran Raza who is working in BPS-9 at Pims, is performing the duty of law officer which is (BPS-17) post. Though he is enjoying  hefty salary package and all  the fringe benefits entitled to law officer  including official vehicle and its fuel from national exchequer,  but bas a matter of fact , he is not performing his duties at all in the hospital rather he is doing his private practice in the courts as lawyer.

On the other hand there is acute shortage of clerical staff at PIMS and the patients have to wait hours in long queues for making the chit at OPD. The sources told that the LDC Imran Raza was working as typist in PIMS library in the evening shift but Deputy Executive Director of the hospital Dr. Zulfiqar Ghuri allegedly has made him law officer, whose duty is to appear in the different courts of law on behalf of PIMS in the matters pertaining to litigation.

Dr. Ghuri allegedly is not complying the orders of his immediate boss, i.e. Executive Director of PIMS and running the hospital according to his own will without observing the rules and regulations.

The former Executive Director Dr Raja Amjad had transferred a UDC Ghulam Rasool to emergency ward from Courtesy Center on corruption allegation but when Dr. Ghuri took the charge of Deputy Executive Director has again deputed him at Courtesy Center.

Another LDC Sher Ali of the hospital was served show cause notice on one week absent from the duty without information, but Dr. Ghuri without considering his punishment transferred him to the cardiac center, whereas according to law any employee cannot be transferred while disciplinary proceedings are underway against him.