Weekly Reflections: From revolution to evolution


Dr. Abdul Saboor

The history of this poor nation revolves around the slogans of revolutions and evolutions for addressing the miseries of masses. But in reality, none of the social, political and economic drives fall under the true definition of revolution. There are some mild evolutionary phases in the arena of education and media but no significant effect is traced that could be placed in the show room of history as a remarkable symbol. In reality, all the attempts at evolutionary or revolutionary fronts could not bring significant change in society. And, nothing good can be expected from these slogans in the future.

Our social system has been so designed through various experiments in the field of education and in the area of governance that we are producing a revolutionary mind set though that has lot of fake justifications to raise slogan of revolution. This revolutionary style of thinking has created a fuss in the country that has completely changed the national narrative of Pakistan. As an internal factor, this kind of character has injected a huge loss to the country even higher than the failure that may be inflicted from anywhere else in the world.

Psychologically, revolutionary minds can hardly bring some evolutionary changes in the society. Similarly, strategies developed in the evolutionary pattern cannot be employed for the purpose of instigating revolution. There is dilemma situation that in public and state affairs, revolutionary mind set is directed to accomplish evolutionary tasks while radical approach is applied on evolutionary thinkers who believe that if new things are tested gradually, there is highly likely of its sustainability.

One can see the evolutionary process only in the deterioration of society which is continuously in downward direction. Everything odd is pursued so gradually that it takes the state of evolution. Unfortunately, we have made a lot of continuous progress in the development of bad governance and criminal mind. This typical evolution in the wrong direction has made the temperament of masses quite revolutionary. We have been passing through various evolutionary phases in the spread of anti-state slogans. Contrarily, we have become revolutionary in the wrong evolution process of deterioration of society.

Revolutions anywhere in the world have been pillared on such philosophical ideas as workable for the society. Intellectual thinking of mature masses amidst chaos and confusion makes the room for revolution. When the existing governance, social, political and economic systems stop delivering to the well being of people on optimal grounds; there is a kind of anarchy that engulfs the country from all levels. But in a society where illiteracy (along with religious ignorance) is at its extreme, public opinion is developed deliberately to the level of such an odd and adverse situation as we are facing around us these days. An impression is intentionally created among some innocent public and staunch supporters that everything is wrong on the part of government.

Both the positive and negative narratives of revolution have been in vogue which needs to be comprehended to visualize the real underpinnings of revolution. Positive spectrum of revolution is based on some new political and economic ideas which are to determine the functions of state tuned to the desires and demands of the general public. These ideas are not brutally conflicting to the prevailing ones. The negative side of revolution is totally antithesis of existing narratives. Out of this, some violent conflict or civil war may be provoked. Both dimensions are ineffective in long term basis.

History is proud to be witness of the fact that most of the revolutions in the world including that of French Revolution and Glorious Revolution were though ideological in nature but could not determine the welfare of masses in the long run on sustainable basis. The base of such revolutions was neither intellectually nor ideologically powerful. Similarly, some religious based revolutions like that of Iranian Revolution could not be taken off as a standard guideline. Most of the revolutions have been challenged and revolutionized with the passage of time.

This is high time to control the politically motivated revolutionary movements through some holistic mechanism. Such movements are being run sometimes at the name of religion and that too with a narrowly defined version of religion. While sometimes, revolutionary attempts are made in the name of national narrative. Anti-government or anti-opposition moves always remain on the floor. Tragically, some leaders try to distribute hate slogans in the name of revolution. Some of such slogans challenge the writ of the state and defense organs. Unfortunately, leaders who are holding such anti-state narratives, their own Pakistani and religious identity carry a big question mark.

National Consensus Building on issues of common concerns and interests is the need of the hour. The market of revolutionary stuff should be regulated through the agency of government by discouraging strikes and street agitations. At least street agitation may be strictly banned for some years so that state affairs could be opertaionalized continuously without any break. The complaints against any state authority may be registered in some written form. A simple moral code of conduct may also be defined for all and sundry.

The country needs to be directed to the path of true evolution through positive approach. The leadership at all horizons of state life and government machinery, will have to demonstrate a high level of tolerance and responsibility. With the markers of blame game, time and energies are being wasted in wrong direction which is ultimately translated to severe economic losses both at micro and macro levels. Moreover, this is the way we may be providing open opportunities to the ‘foreign hand’ for further destabilizing the country.

Not revolutionary evolution, but a solution oriented evolutionary process needs to be activated in all spheres of public and private affairs through the active participation of key stakeholders. For that matter, a resolution should be passed by pledging that the politics of hate would be buried once for all. Efforts should be made on solution of problems rather than just concentrating on the causes of such problems.

Hate brings hate; love begets love. A revolutionary mindset with full of hatred is very dangerous for the society. Such a mindset can never bring change in any realm of life. Between the odd revolution and rationally baseless evolution, there is need for optimal solution to the individual and collective problems of masses. Sober media, scholarly communities, wise civil society, development thinkers and intellectuals should come in the forefront for diluting the political conflicts based on petty affairs. Either in government or in opposition, the undue coverage of revolutionary mindset should be strictly avoided in the best interest of the nation. The best interest of the nation is to filter out the anti-state revolutionary mind set once for all through judicial and legislative drives.


Positive spectrum of revolution is based on some new political and economic ideas which are to determine the functions of state tuned to the desires and demands of the general public