Orderly gathering

Marchers set an example


Outcome of the Azadi March notwithstanding, there is one thing observed with regard to the marchers that is praiseworthy and needs to be emulated by the future such marchers.

They so far by and large stuck to the agreement reached between the capital administration and the JUIF. They gathered at the mutually agreed venue and did not create any hurdle in the way of traffic or civic life. One protestor was heard saying that the administration should remove the containers that it has placed in anticipation of people moving on to the Red Zone.

Earlier during the march from Karachi upward they were seen paying up toll at designated places and leaving enough space for other traffic including ambulances to move around freely. There were no incidents of marchers clashing with police and damaging the public or private property.  The venue here is cleaned everyday by the brooms made from tree branches.


Now contrast this with the raucous and noisy and low on hygiene and wand-wielding crowds of PAT and PTI and TLP. They made a mess of the public life. They chose to occupy major arteries in the middle of the town, crippling life and businesses for weeks and months on end. They wanted to bring the government of the day to its knees at the expense of public order. The stink they left in the wake took months to go away. Primary institutions were made a mockery of as the protestors stopped the officials and ministers before letting them in. Attacks on PTV and Parliament were the darkest moments in an otherwise dark episode of political protest.


The JUIF deserves praise for their orderly behaviour and the unruly among us can learn a thing or two from them.