Inept capital admin

Who will answer for life lost?




People are pissed at paranoid city-minders. That capital administration is inept and has failed to deal with the pressure of a sit-in is there for all to see. This is their level of preparedness when the marchers are peaceful and have adhered to the agreement they inked with the administration. They are stationed at a safe distance from the Red Zone and the large business centres. Still sectors G-10 and G-9 are in total mess as people on their daily commute scramble to find a way out of the completely clogged service roads.  The 9th Avenue’s exit to the Kashmir Highway, going away from the Dharna site, is also closed for some inexplicable reason. The Islamabad deputy commissioner through a tweet had said he took a round of the town and observed traffic congestion on major arteries due to containers. He also hinted at removing those hurdles in the way of smooth vehicular movement soonest yet nothing such has happened so far. The paranoia remains as it was; it rather only has increased with time.

What would have happened, had they chosen to be as unruly and disruptive as the PTI, PAT and TLP workers were during their time?

We see that containers are on all important roads. Some are partially blocked. There is no signage of a diversion beforehand and a commuter only knows when she comes upon it all of a sudden.  There is no indication whatsoever, cones, reflectors and/or lights, to aware the road user of a path that is narrowing down ahead. Many accidents have occurred over the last week particularly during the night time. On Wednesday a car driver rammed into a container and lost his life on way to the hospital.

What good are they if they cannot manage the minor fallout from a peaceful protest in the capital?