Millions of rupees corruption alleged in NH&MP



Rana Mushtaq


Millions of rupees corruptions have been alleged in the National Highways and Motorways Police (NH&MP), sources said on Thursday.

Rs770 million corruptions were committed at the name of fuel adjustments and vehicel repair and maintainance works, the sources said.

According to the documents available with the Ministry of Communication, the officers at the Motorways police extracted Rs110 million for vehicels repairing in 2018 and over Rs280 million in feul adjustments.

The NH&MP is divided in seven zones likewise the vehicels. In 2017, the authority charged Rs90 million in fuel consumptions of 1,034 vehicels while over Rs290 million in terms of vehicels repair and maintainance work.

The sources said that heavy corruption has been alleged in the NH&MP financial affairs. As per details, Motorways police have 216 vehicels, North zone has 197, central zone 187, headquarters zone 125 and training college 25.

The report states the officers used Rs190 million feul and Rs580 million on repair and maintainance work of the vehicels.

In this regard, massive level audit is being conducted.