DEBRIEFING: Nippy November tests protestors’ nerves


By Shamshad Mangat

Dharna situation is becoming tiresome for dharna walas day by day as sitting persistently in dharna in fast smashing cold weather had already become an uphill task and now the torrential screeching rainfall has put the advent of winter in 4th gear.
The dharna walas are shivering with cold more than inflation and unemployment. The participants of dharna who are oblivious to demands and behind the scene meetings are pinning hopes on Maulana Fazl for ending this futile dharna. Maulana on the other hand is more keen in withdrawal of references against Akram Durrani and others during his sittings with Chaudhry brothers than dissolution of government.

The political analysts are claiming Maulana is in pursuit of face saving to end dharna while some people are of the view that government is doing political face shaving of Maulana by keeping him engaged to maximum extent in dharna.

Those taking interest in dharna politics know it well that ending dharna is not any problem for Maulana. He can end dharna by announcing prospective next date for dharna against the government. But he wants to get rid of NAB reference at every cost before it.

Perceiving the changing mood of weather Maulana has stepped up negotiations process and he preferred to go to the home of Chaudhry brothers rather than waiting for them at his home on this count. It is doubtless to say that he is serious for holding talks and Chaudhry brothers also met Maulana at his home on Thursday keeping in view this seriousness.
Certain political workers who are out to serve their personal interests in the guise of dharna say “ now only Maula can remove Maulana from dharna. While the fact is this that the way Maulana had come on the roads to conquer Islamabad by deceiving other parties, now he in the same vein wants to quit this arena briskly.

Long queues of ailing workers of JUI-F before government medical centre has forced Maulana to think that he presently cannot force Imran Khan to follow on.

All has become clear about dharna after passage of one week. Firstly Maulana is enjoying only verbal support of PPP and PML-N in connection with his dharna. Secondly this dharna from Maulana was his solo flight and it was his thinking when he stages fair in Islamabad then all small political parties will be forced to join his dharna besides major political parties of opposition. The masses who are fed up with inflation will also join him. No one knew about clandestine motives of dharna except Maulana. But now every one knows Maulana wants to seek deliverance of Akram Durrani from NAB virus.

After the passage of seven days, this change has come in the situation that Maulana not only annoyed institutions of national security by standing with people like Mehmood Achakzai on container but also by using insulting language against these institutions he forced them to support Imran Khan if they were not doing so already.

Dharna speeches of Maulana has benefited more to Imran Khan than all and the latter has created a situation of humiliation for Maulana by providing free medical facilities to the participants m in this rain affected dharna.

It does not matter one admits or otherwise government wants that Maulana should be forced to continue his dharna. Because Islamabad will be more hit in cold waves than other cities of Punjab as soon as the dharna grows longer. This cold will dampen the hopes of Maulana.

By providing medical facilities and seating dharna walas in open air the government wants it should be proved government can afford too much. Because under this strategy all the anti government movements will die down in their homes before they could take off. The ruling party is giving slow poisoning to Maulana deliberately so that Maulana should stay in the open air with hope against hopes.

How ironical it is that no political force is ready to find an honourable exit for Maualana. Most of the people are of the view that Maulana has come on his sweet will therefore, he should explore way out for himself. But government is finding more prospects to debase him by embroiling him in talks.

This is but sheer injustice that Chaudhry Shujaat is holding talks with Maulana.

The eyewitness tell that it becomes difficult to assess during the meeting that either Maulana or Chaudhry Shujaat is more unwell . Maulana has to spend five hours in one hour long meeting because he has to repeat his demand for five times.

The possibility is there too that talks go productive but Chaudhry Shujaat and Maulana misconstrue the talks and the outcome remains what it was in Bugti and Lall Masjid episodes. However Maulana is in difficult situation. And only Maula can make understand Maulana this point .