Pakistan, Poland enjoy cordial relations


Pakistan, Poland enjoy cordial relations
Shamim Mehmood
Poland enjoys cordial ties with Pakistan and interested to deepen the relations, said ambassador of Poland to Pakistan Piotr A Opalinski
While addressing at the reception on the National Day in the local hotel, the ambassador said that Polish companies have been working in promoting the energy sector of Pakistan and there is a vast prospect for expansion of trade between two friendly countries. He said that Poland is interested in agriculture and pharmaceutical and leather sectors of Pakistan.
Warsaw (the Capital of Poland) also take interest socio-economic uplift and enhancing its defense capabilities, said the ambassador, adding that some Polish companies are engaged in helping Pakistan to develop the coal-mining industry, he added.
He appreciated the export of high quality surgical and sports goods of Pakistan and said that the textiles, leather garments and high-quality Basmati rice are very popular in Poland.
Poland gives significance to its relations with Pakistan as bilateral ties between the two countries have stabled and strengthened over the years, said the ambassador of Poland to Pakistan Piotr A. Opalinski.
The trade volume between two countries has increased over € 400 million adding that there is still room for the promotion of cultural and trade relations between the two countries.
He said special attention was being paid to the enhancement of exchange of mutual trade delegations and trade ties between two countries so that new opportunities could be searched for utilization.
“Poland imports rice, cotton, vegetables, fruit, sports goods and other items from Pakistan while Pakistani rice enjoys a global fame due to its unique characteristics and is preferred in Poland”, he added.
The Ambassador of Poland said that his country is skilled in technology and machinery and could provide these services to Pakistan used extensively in various sectors.
“Aside from this, Poland can also provide expertise to Pakistan in solar energy,” he said.
He said that Poland is the center of European countries and is accessible to markets of all European countries.
“Poland exports machinery, electric appliances and security equipment to Pakistan and has skill in solar harnessing technology to fulfill the energy needs”, he said.
He maintained that Pakistan could fulfill its energy requirements from solar energy and experts of Poland could play a vital part in it.
The ambassador further said that mutual cooperation between two countries has increased in various sectors including diplomatic, political and trade in the last decade.
“The bilateral relations of the two countries would be further enhanced through the agreements done between two countries,” he added.