Defunct PMDC employees get 200pc increase in perks, privileges


Rana Mushtaq
Defunct Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) which oversees medical sector in the country is soile government entity where the salary and the perks of its functionaries are egregious enhanced which set off gloomed in the other functionaries of other government departments.
PMDC spokeswoman admitted with confession that the salaries are increased but not as per demands of the functionaries who are bent upon to increase their perks and privileges in lie of the price hike in the country.
Following its disbandment, PMDC has now been converted into Medical Commission and the matter is sub judice.
According to the document available with this scribe shows that low level employee working in PMDC is getting over one lac rupees per month which is the highest salary in Pakistan but peons working in other department of the government are merely getting below twenty thousands.
Pakistan medical and dental council is corruption plagued public entity where the corrupt and incompetence people have taken complete control and spoiled medical sector of Pakistan.
The corrupt people sitting in it gave license for setting up private medical colleges in the country which are now producing unqualified doctors who are now playing havoc with public health.
Supreme court of Pakistan has taken sue motto notices about the corruption and incompetence which is now assimilated in PMDC and passed many landmark judgment to set its affairs on right paths but the mafia sitting there is neither interested to make this entity efficient nor wanted to improve our health system.
A source privy to the development what is happening in PMDC says that major chunk of PMDC allocated budget consumed on the salaries and perks and all development projects are dormant due to the shortage of the funds.
According to payroll of the employees, the incumbent administration has increased the salary of its functionaries more than 200 per cent which is unusual development in paksitan where the major portion of its population is living under the poverty line.
According to payrolls , salary of driver is 81175, security guard and Chokidar is 80175 , Naibqadid is getting 80175,LDC a low level clerk is getting above 97000 , private secretary is getting above 6 lakhs per month, registrar 545000, PRO 466000 and accountant officer and prototcol officer is getting 378000 each per month.
The employees working on contract basis are also getting over 50000 per month and the administration has increased their salaries over 201 per cent which is unique development.
Pakistan medical and dental council is under the jurisdiction of Cabinet Division and the cabinet division spokesman was totally ignorant of the development what is happening in this public organization.
PMDC Spokeswoman admitted the enormous increase in salaries but lamented that the promotion of the employees is stuck up and after many years in services the employees are promoted to other grade which she termed is against the interests of the officials.
Spokeswoman said that PMDC is autonomous entity and its president and the council is authorized to fix the remuneration of its employees.
She said the senior the highest paid officers are paying tax RS 90000 per month from their salary but the officers did not get medical facilities, no housing facilities ,no overtime and no job security.