Callous parents

Dadu girl stoned to death




This Sunday news emerged that a 10-year old girl was allegedly stoned to death in Johi tehsil of district Dadu, an area bordering Balochistan province. According to local police, parents of the girl are also involved in the crime. The police upon receiving the report rounded up the suspects including a prayer leader who offered the funeral and another person who facilitated in the burial. The apparent reason for the girl’s death was that she fell to her death from a cliff in mountainous region where the family lives.


Autopsy and further investigation into the crime shall further reveal the details of this heinous crime. But the way the unexplained death of a girl was covered up and she was buried stealthy fashion smacks of a foul play. That the parents of the girl were involved gives one shudders. The punishment of stoning to death hints that the family suspected the girl of illicit relations. But why did they forget that she was merely a child.


The provincial government must act and make the details public. And if the girl has fallen victim to any cruel tribal tradition, that too should be brought to the fore. In July this year a non government organization filed a petition in the Sindh High Court to question the provincial government over dysfunctional Child Protection Authority that was notified in 2014 in view of the Sindh Child Protection Act passed in 2011. The authority is supposed to monitor and report child abuse cases, initiate prosecution of offenders and institute mechanism for child protection.  Crime such as the one in Dadu tell us that laws alone are not enough if there is no will behind enforcing them and there is a parallel awareness of those laws in the society. The culprits in this crime should be made an example out of so that people think twice before harming their children.