Terror in UK

And the tenuous Pakistan link



It is unfortunate but it is true at the same time that whenever there is a terrorist attack in the West people start to point fingers at the Muslims and paint them in negative light. There is readymade vocabulary that comes in torrents if and when a Muslim is involved in any act of terror. Conversely when the perpetrator of the crime is of a western origin, the argument most often forwarded is how the state had failed the individual and that the police was not entirely ruling out the terror intent.

In the past Pakistan too was an easy target to blame for nurturing the terrorists.

This time around when a knife attack happened in London, which was carried out by Usman Khan, a British militant of Pakistani origin, people started to point fingers at Pakistan without  in fact establishing that Khan was radicalized and/or trained in Pakistan. Khan, 28, was born and bred in the United Kingdom and was involved in a 2012 terror attack planning as part of al-Qaeda network. He was arrested and served a term before being released in 2018.

It is for the UK authorities to find out as to why they could not keep a vigilant eye on the offender before he could carry out the knife attack, killing two persons. In the past too, the UK nationals have gone and joined terror networks in the Middle East. Prime Minister Boris Johnson talking the other day laid it the doors of the Labour for letting hundreds of individuals before serving out their terms and pledged to increase the prison term for terror related crimes to 15 years. The UK political parties must be mindful of the danger of political rhetoric in the wake of elections. They need concrete measures to put a stop to their youth getting radicalized and plug all such channels on their land that exploit vulnerable youth in the name of religion.