Dejected: ‘Wouldn’t quit PTI under any circumstances’



Staff Report


One of the founding members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Advocate Hamid Khan, has said that he will not quit PTI under any circumstances.

The announcement came  on Wednesday as part of a strongly worded nine-page response to a show-cause notice issued to him by the party which, on Sunday, suspended the basic party membership of the senior advocate and issued to him a notice for defaming and maligning the party through his statements on print and electronic media.

The show-cause notice, issued by PTI Secretary-General Amir Mehmood Kiyani, asked Khan to explain his position in writing within seven days.

In his response written to Kiyani, dated December 3, Khan said: “Let me make it loud and clear that I will not quit the party under any circumstances.

“The party is my sweat and blood. I have spent thousands of man-hours (sic) to give it its thought and direction. No opportunist, turncoat, land grabber and sugar or other corrupt mafias can force me out of the party.

He added that he would do everything possible, within the limits of the law and the Constitution, to “protect and defend” his party membership.

“I will stand by my fellow party workers through thick and thin, come what may, I will be their voice. I will not abandon them to be victimised by outrageously evil elements that have entered the party.” Khan also took an issue with how he was informed of the notice, saying he had learnt through the media about it.