Citizens demand reconstruction of bridge over Soan River



Muhammad Zaka Ullah


Non-repairing of lonely link bridge over Soan River since the last two months has compounded the miseries of citizens particularly commuters, students and employees.

According to media reports this persistent state of affairs has caused embarrassment among the commuters travelling from bus terminal located close to this battered bridge.

Traffic jam has become agonizingly phenomenal at High Court chowk.  Those travelling from Rawalpindi Katchery chowk to Lahore have to pass through an ocean of difficulties to reach GT road.

On the other hand the transporters particularly wagon owners have unilaterally   jacked up the fare ranging between Rs 10 to 20.

During the heavy rainfall in Moonsoon season two parts of this bridge leading to Swan bus terminal were razed to ground.

In the plot adjacent to bridge the poor labourers had set up stalls of vegetable, fruits and other commodities to   earn their living and due to collapse of bridge the lonely source of income of these disadvantaged people was swept away by the billowing waves of misfortune..

The citizens while lamenting over apathy being shown by the government in reconstructing and renovating the fallen parts of the bridge have appealed to government to be proactive instead of lethargic in addressing the problems like project of renovation of the bridge.