Feigning poor

Name and shame them




By the way text messages were circulated to entice people to avail of the BISP facility, it was abundantly clear that all was not right in the heavily funded poverty alleviation programme. Lately the PTI government after some screening took out some 800, 000 beneficiaries for being undeserving, there was a hue and cry mainly by the Pakistan Peoples Party who had initiated the programme during their tenure at the Centre.

The latest revelation that thousands of government employees even in top scales were found to availing of a Rs1000 stipend that was meant for the poorest of the poor is shocking to say the least.  According to official data, some 1,122 officers from Sindh province, followed by Balochistan with 741, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 403, Punjab with 137 were among the beneficiaries. As many as 62 federal government employees of gazetted scales benefited from the scheme too. AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan also had

some officers that feature on this ignominious list. BISP chairperson Dr Sania Nishtar confirmed that disciplinary action would be taken against government officers of grade 17 and above who had received BISP assistance meant for the poor. In a tweet, she said that 2,543 government officers of grade-17 and above had got themselves registered among the beneficiaries and received the assistance.

The Ehsaas programme team deserves credit for unearthing this scam. And now these people must be named and shamed and be made an example out of so that there is deterrence against any future such abuse of authority.  It was no secret though already that the a significant chunk of government officials working in departments that deal with public funds  think nothing of abusing their power and lining their own pockets, one could never have thought that they could stoop to this level where they would not spare a tiny stipend amount either.