Life is unbearable for poor



This week, a man set himself on fire in Karachi compelled by his circumstances. He was neither the first nor the last one, given the state of economy and yawning gap in the lifestyle of the rich and the poor in this country. There is abundance on one side, and penury on the other.

The person, named Mir Hassan, was unable to find a job for some time and could not buy his children warm clothes in the extreme cold. Hassan was a father of five and before setting himself on fire in his house sent out letters to the Sindh government and the prime minister. In the letter addressed to the provincial government he requested them to take care of his family. The man perhaps knew the futility of it all, one reason he took his own life. But he probably wanted to make a point that the successive governments have failed to deliver on the promise of making poor people’s life at least bearable. As for the letter sent out to the prime minister, Hassan had requested for housing and job. He did not ask for something that is beyond the power of the PM. The PM in fact has promised the same in his manifesto. In over one and half year of his government Imran Khan has failed get the housing project off the ground. There is however inaugurations galore all across the country. As for the jobs, he has admitted that it is beyond the government to give jobs proportionate to the demand in the country. He nevertheless promised to provide an environment where investment and jobs could be created. About time, the government moved to start delivering on its promises. It should remember it was mere one instance of immolation in Tunisia that gave birth to the Arab Spring that spread across the Middle East and North Africa. Countries like Saudi Arabia were barely able to survive by doling out billion s of dollars to the youth of the country.  Truth be told, ground is fertile for the unrest to unfurl into a revolution that while dislodging the system may not benefit anyone. But then the poor has nothing to lose but chains.