Quetta violence

 Frequency of attacks increasing




This paper expressed concern over the bomb blast near a frontier Constabulary vehicle in Quetta that killed two FC men and injured others. Hizbul Ahrar, an off shoot of the pro- scribed TTP, claimed responsibility for the attack. It was stressed in that piece that the government of the day should take the resurgence of such terror incidents seriously and take preventive measures to put a stop to them. As per the statement issued by the prime minister and the Balochistan chief minister, they condemning the incident reiterated their resolve to apprehend those involved in these sabotage activities. But then this blast in a Quetta mosque happened that was even more devastating in its impact. At least 15 people lost their lives in the blast, including senior police offi cer DSP Amanullah Ishaqzai.

He is someone whose son was target– killed just a month ago. As for Friday’s attack, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility. Although it was not immediately clear as to the motive of the attack, however the killing of the DSP can be the major driver behind the attack. A similar bombing was carried out in Kuchlak last year, in which a brother of Afghan Taliban chief Haibatullah was killed. Does this also mean that the IS and the Taliban are fi ghting for infl uence in the Balochistan province just as they are in the neighbouring Afghanistan provinces. Intelligence based operations that have almost eradicated the terror elements in other parts of the country are the way to go in Balochistan as well.

Fencing along the Pakistan Afghanistan border that is in progress shall also help in curbing the trans-border import of terror in the country. In the meanwhile, the security forces need to stay a tad more alert in anticipating the attacks. The nation would not like to see the gains made so far going to waste.