Over 100 shops fined for violating minimum wages law







In line of implementing minimum wages, the Labour department challaned about 100 shops on the charge of violating minimum wages act. The Punjab government had recommended Rs 17,500 per month (Rs 673.08/day) as minimum salary for labourer.

However, the shopkeepers were found paying less salaries to their workers, informed Director Labour Department Rana Jamshaid Farooq while talking to APP here on Sunday. He informed that secretary labour department Sarah Akram issued instructions for taking strict action against violation of labourers wages act. The government is committed to ensure implementation on provision of recommended salaries. During the last week, the labour inspectors checked nearly 700 shopkeepers, of which, about 100 shops were found violating the minimum salary limit of Rs 17,500.

The labour department submitted challans to the courts concerned. To a question about fi ne amount, he informed that shopkeepers would be fi ned Rs 10,000 each. About raids, the Director Labour Department observed that seven labour inspectors conducted raids in Multan, Vehari, Lodhran, Khanewal, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaff argarh and some other cities of south Punjab. Nobody will be allowed to exploit workers especially in terms of wages, Jamshaid stated. He informed that the process of raids would be intensifi ed in near future. Jamshaid further said that wages of Rs 17,500 was for 26 working days. He maintained that Rs 673.08 was per day wages of workers. However, in case of accomodation and transport facility, the deduction of Rs 217 and Rs 46 per month are allowed, and subject to agreement between employer and worker.