Govt committed to reforming skill sector of country: Shibli


Staff Report


Leader of the House in Senate Syed Shibli Faraz Monday said the government was committed to reforming skill sector of the country that would not only ensure a prosperous future for young people but also for the country.

While replying to a resolution of Senator Seemee Ezdi, he said the house recommended that the government should take necessary steps in coordination with the provincial governments for the training and development of human resources in order to maximize the returns from the opportunities arising out of the implementation of CPEC projects in the country.

Shibli Faraz said the government had also started a Hunarmand Pakistan programme (Skill for All) which trained around 170,000 youth to meet the modern requirements.

He said the Hunarmand Pakistan programme had 14 components to meet the youth for requirements of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Shibli Faraz said that Hunarmand Pakistan was a game changer programme aimed at providing skills to the most precious national asset – the youth, by creating employment opportunities for their social and economic uplift and enabling them to play pivotal role in the national development.

He said the admission in the different programmes would be started from next month for a period of nine months.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed moved the second resolution, stating “This House shows deep concern on the 10% reduction in the budget of Higher Education Commission during the current fiscal year as against the last fiscal year which coupled with 20% inflation and depreciation of Pakistani currency. The House deplores that as against the demand of Rs. 103 billion, later revised to Rs. 84 billion, made by the Universities Grants Commission for the current fiscal year, the Government only allocated Rs. 59 billion which had resulted in financial crisis in the Universities.

The House recognized that higher education was the right of every citizen and the provision of the same was the fundamental and constitutional responsibility of the State and the Government.

The House demanded that the Government should take immediate steps to provide Rs. 21 billion more to the HEC in order to enable the universities to overcome their financial crisis.

Syed Shibli Faraz said that the country was facing a financial challenge that’s why the funds of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) were decreased.

He said the universities were the future of the country and the government had stated integrated programmes to overcome the challenges being faced by the universities.

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Muhammad Azam Khan Swati informed the Senate that the government had approved new autos policy and some 18 vehicle manufacturing units had also been set up in the country.

Winding up discussion on a motion regarding situation arising out of decline in the sale of cars and other vehicles in the country, the minister said as many as five units had already in production lines. Two Korean and five Chinese auto companies were also included in setting up their units in Pakistan, he added.

He conceded that earlier, the auto companies were only assembling vehicles in the country rather than manufacturing although there was zero rated tax on import of manufacturing machineries.

The Minister said safety elements would be ensured in the new vehicles and the manufacturing units would be bound to follow the international safety standard.

Regarding prices of vehicles, the minister said the prices depended on demand and supply of the commodity.

The prices of vehicles also witnessed upward trend due to depreciation of Pakistani rupees, he added.

He requested the chair to refer to the matter to concern standing committee for detailed discussion owing to its importance.

The Chairman Senate referred the matter to the concerned standing committee.

Earlier moving the motion, Kalsoom Parveen said Honda and Toyota had shut down their units resulting crisis in auto sector. She said hundred of thousand workers had lost their jobs. Import of second hand vehicles had also been banned resulting further aggravating the situation, she said.

Taking part in the debate, Atiq Sheikh said the auto production was closed under pre –plan strategy. He said prices of vehicles were very high in the country due to certain mafia. Nauman Wazir, Mohsin Aziz and Zeeshan also spoke on the occasion.