Smoking – The silent killer


By  Unshara Mati

Smoking is a bad and a horrible thing to do. The people who smoke are called smokers. The smoker may think they’re cool, maybe that’s why they do it, or maybe they think it will calm them down, or they see other people or their friends do it, but actually they don’t look cool and if a smoker is forcing or peer pressurizing you, don’t take it, you will either have two options left with you yes or no. It’s up to you, but before you choose, you have to pay attention to this, a cigarette contains nicotine inside of it, which allows you to leave it hardly. It may sound very easy to leave it, but it’s not, think again. Smoking is damaging the environment as well, as all the chemicals in the cigarette are harmful.  We should make the environment better, trust me. We should think right plus not only that, planting trees will help make the environment better, if you want to have a fresh clean environment, stop smoking. You will be glad and thankful for the relief of it and those painful things it can do and you might want to guess what, well I will tell you don’t worry, smoking can damage our lungs and we won’t be able to breathe properly while other people’s lungs are clean and healthy. Smoking can also get us into serious heart problems, it also leads us to cancer. To fix the problems, we have to do tons of surgery and operations and it’s extremely painful not only that, but we will have stinky hair, bad breath and teeth, we will even look younger or older than we actually are. Each cigarette counts 12 times lesser of our life and can lead us to death quicker, and that’s not what we want, is it? So go ahead, take your step, make your choice, but in my opinion the best solution is to say NO!