Health concerns

Sharifs in focus again




A picture of Nawaz Sharif dining out in London with his family went viral in Pakistan and subsequently created quite a storm here of political nature. The government was compelled to take notice of this and moved quickly to hold a press conference and demand of the Sharif family to share the details on his health. The government thought that a patient who was ‘terminal’ when he left the country could not have been roaming around and that if he was well, he should come back and face the term he was awarded by the court.

Apparently until this picture surfaced, the government was fine with the elder Sharif overstaying in the United Kingdom as he had neither submitted any request for extension in his bail nor did the government ask for it as had been ordered by the Lahore High Court at the time of granting bail.

It was obvious as the bail was approved that Sharifs were not going abroad to come back any time soon. The government knew it better than anyone else. Still for the optics of it, it created small little hurdles, conditions to be more specific, if he were to let go.

In part this reaction from the government can be attributed to the rifts within the coalition. Soon after MQM resigned its only ministry, as if on cue, other allies too have started to show signs of displeasure with the government. Already having a thin majority, the government immediately moved to address the concerns of the allies and looks determined to prove wrong the rumours swirling round the town of possible change at the top. Since the major contender for the top job could not be any other than the PMLN, the government is probably right in venting its anger at them. The least it could ask of them is to procure the m