International conspirators active to oust PM Imran

Source told that Saudi Arabia is also not happy with Pakistan and its present leadership for its refusal to become part of offences against Iran and is highly possible that it may halt supply of oil on deferred payment




International conspiracies have been hatched against incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan to oust him from office and to replace him with any pliable man who will dance at the tune of international power brokers.

It has been divulged by the sources that are privy to the latest development on our political horizon.

The sources said that the power corridors of Pakistan have been buzzed with the rumors that Prime Minister Imran Khan is being replaced due to his stubborn attitude and refusal to become a part of international power brokers who wanted to fulfill their vested interests at the cost of Pakistan security.

The man who is well versed with the latest political development in the country was of the opinion that emerging geo strategic situation in the region and the Pakistan government stance are cited main reason behind the cabal being laid against Imran Khan who had vowed to protect Pakistan interests on priority basis.

The United States of America and Iran standoff in the Persian Gulf and specter of looming war between these two countries and proclaimed  a neutral stance of Pakistan are compelling reason  behind the conspiracies being set in against the Premier who has announced that Pakistan, this time would not become part of any other war.

The source told that Saudi Arabia is also not happy with Pakistan and its present leadership  for its refusal to become part of offences against Iran and is highly possible that it may halt the supply of oil and lubricant on defer  payment which may damaged the people and the government of Pakistan tremendously .

The government made it crystal clear to USA and all its allies that the soil of Pakistan will not be let to use against any country and Pakistan will never stand with any country which start offence against any sovereign country.

The tension between Iran and USA was escalated when senior army officer from Iran General Qasim Sulemani was killed a drone attack when he was in Iraq on official tour and was holding talks with Iraqi leadership.

The killing of General Qasim prove a bane for Pakistan when USA sought its support and strategic support against Iran and IMRAN Khan led government flatly rejected their demand by saying that Pakistan would not fight other war this time.

United State of America got furious over this new Pakistan strategy and now active to bring pliable new regime of its own choice which will dance on its tune and will fulfill the design of America and its allies at the cost of Pakistan and its people who are now reeling under the poverty and lawlessness.

The differences between Trump administration and Imran Khan government come to surface when USA’s Secretary  of State Mike Pompeo called to our Army Chief General Bajwa instead of civilian administration  and discussed with him geo strategic situation of the region which emerged after the standoff between Iran and USA.

Pro establishment political parties including Q league, GDA and MQM which are also allies of Imran Khan government   started their old tactics of black mailing and hinted to make part with the government , which was formed with their blessing.

The source told that Imran Khan led regime is likely to be replaced with any pliable parliamentarian but it is not possible with the presence of PTI’s parliamentarians who would not even thing to sow any conspiracy against Imran khan.

The source told that to sow hatred against Imran Khan the dirty video is likely to be screen on the social media which would cut short the honor of Imran Khan in the eyes of the public.

MQM has now withdrawn support from the government and Q  league is also flexing its muscle to start war against Imran khan as its federal minster, Cheema refused to attend the federal cabinet and GDA and parliamentarians from Baluchistan are also thinking to make part from government.

A well place source told that international conspiracies against Imran khan is in full swing and the efforts are being cemented to oust Imran khan from the officer of chief executive and to bring pliable man who will dance at the tune to fulfill their vested interests.