‘Iesco grabs millions thru installation of bogus meters’

Sources claim Iesco was allegedly proving protection to officers involved in theft




Zafar Malik


The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has alleged grabbed million of rupees through installation of bogus electricity meters.

The inner sources have revealed that it stolen electricity worth million of rupees through installation of bogus meters without any justification and fear.

Sources stated departments SDOs, directors present at headquarter and other top officers had arrested in the charge of installing fake electricity meters.

On the other hand Iesco took a biased decision as it appointed those inquiry officers who are allegedly involved in electricity theft.

According to the available documents electricity theft incidents are in raise in Federal capital as electricity worth million of rupees is being stolen on monthly basis.

It mentioned in documents that thousand of fake electricity meters have been installed in different feeders of Islamabad.

This ugly business of electricity theft through fake meters is going on without any check in the Capital areas like G-6, Bani Gala, Sohan, Khana, Gahuri Town, Koral, Tarali, Thanda Pani, farash Town, Barakahu and other areas.

Sources further stated that Iesco headquarter is allegedly proving protection to offices involved in the power stolen. It mentioned in documents that local SDO has helped in instantiation of thousand meters at G-6 feeder.

Meter riders Younis, Imran, Ibrahim, Iqbal, Sabbir, Alam, Rehman, Saiful Rehman, Amjad Bashir and Qasim Ali have pointed out 152 fake power meters through monthly reading. Thousand unit electricity have been utilized through these fake meters. On the other hand department sends heavy bills to the common citizens of federal Capital.

Sources stated that as many as 600 power meters have been installed in the areas like Ghauri Town, Khana and Khana Dak. However, the bills of these meters are being taken from common citizens.

When contacted to Iesco spokesperson, he viewed that billing of 80% meters is being done and this matter has finished now.

It was worth mentioned here that the Senate Standing Committee on Power had recently grilled the officials Iesco over multi-million rupees embezzlement in consumers’ bill payments that some officials of the company had collected through using bogus bank stamps. Although, this bogus practice continued in Iesco’s billing department for the last four years, but neither the company nor the audit unearthed it.

Over the last three years, a huge Rs239 millions of embezzlement was done through bogus collection of bills. The Committee Chairman Fida Muhammad Khan asked whether Iesco was asleep when embezzlement of millions of rupees a day was being done by the officials of the company.