Kashmir Solidarity Day


By Fatima Arshad

Kashmir Solidarity Day, which was celebrated all over Pakistan on Wednesday (February 5) so that the entire nation should express solidarity with the innocent Kashmiris who are demanding the right of self determination in the presence of hundreds of thousands of Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. This day is also important because it comes at a time when 80 million Kashmiris have entered their sixth month of inhumane curfew. It is perhaps one of the biggest examples of such a vicious act in history. And it is still not clear when the sanctions will be lifted in Kashmir.

Curfew was imposed on August 5, 2019, in all the 10 districts of the valley and the government suspended all mobile services. Continuous curfew remained in the Kashmir Valley, which was lifted from all areas on August 31, however, the next day it was re-enforced in some areas and continued to this day. The matter does not end there; the Indian government in its constitution revoked the special status granted to Indianadministered Kashmir, the most distant political move on the disputed region in nearly 70 years. Ever since India effectively abolished Kashmir’s sovereignty by declaring Article 370, the region has been facing lockdowns, curfews and more while tensions between neighboring countries Pakistan and India are on the rise. sudden and illegal move to annex Jammu and Kashmir was a moment of concern for Kashmiris, Pakistanis, India’s ‘secularists’ and the global community. Muslims of India also felt the brunt of Modi’s hatred in the aftermath. The struggle for the independence of Kashmiris starts from where the struggle of those who raised the slogan of Pakistan in the British Raj ends but Pakistan has never forgotten Kashmir and Pakistan has raised its voice against the brutality of India on every platform possible.

History testifies that every beginning has an end and every cruelty is never infinite. There will be a limit to Modi’s cruelty and the patience of Kashmiris. And when that limit is breached I pray that the sacrifices of the Kashmiris are not in vain and that the loss they have suffered does not increases and InshaAllah there will come a day when Kashmiris breathe the air of freedom and the oppressor is miles away from them. Amen!

The writer is a student of Mass Communication.