India highhandedness

Held Kashmir leaders rearrested



There is no letup in sight as far as the basic human rights of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir people were concerned. The authorities there have rearrested two former chief ministers – Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah – of the J &K state on Friday as their earlier six month period of incarceration was over. They were arrested under a law that allows for people to be detained without running any trial or framing any charges against them. Anyone in the valley can be rounded up if the state thought he or she could pose a law and order situation. Surprisingly these two leaders have never been anti India. They rather were pro India and have been in alliance with the leading Indian political parties.

These high profile arrests came under discussion in the Indian parliament as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the two leaders with their political activities and statements could possibly incite unrest in the disputed region.

Thousands of others citizens and political activists are being detained since the time India tempered with the Constitution abrogating the article 370 that ended Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

Human rights organizations have called out India for repressive laws and keeping citizens under illegal curfew and inhuman conditions. Opposition Congress too criticised the government’s decision. “Shocked and devastated by the cruel invocation of the Public Safety Act against Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and others,” a Congress leader was reported to have said.

Pakistan has warned India of its fascist acts in the disputed territory. Pakistanis and Kashmiris in Pakistan as well as across the world too to the streets to express their solidarity with the kashmiri brethren on February 5, a day dedicated for the purpose. Pakistan every year observes this day as a public holiday. This year around, there was more enthusiasm and anger as India has resorted to more cruel means in order to deprive the people of their legitimate right. The world is, though slow, gradually coming round to agreeing with the Pakistan’s stance on the issue. Still it will take more vigorous diplomatic efforts to force India’s hand to withdraw its repressive regime.