Of an escape

 Stony silence is confounding



A prisoner, of sorts, who remained in custody of Pakistan authorities for three years, the other day, released an audio statement claiming to have been able to escape from the captivity and was now in Turkey along with his family comprising his wife and a daughter and a son.

He also intends to release further information on the days of his incarceration and the ‘deal’ with the government of Pakistan before that. The escape, if Ehsanullah Ehsan was to be believed, was eff ected on January 11 and surprisingly up till now there was no statement by the government. They rather were found engaging in other matters, apparently to defl ect attention from this security lapse.

One government minister, apparently without consulting his party, presented a resolution in the National Assembly seeking public hanging for the child abusers. Soon afterwards, a debate raged both in and outside of the house on the merits of the resolution. Coming back to the subject, a committee formed by the parents of the APS children who were brutally murdered in 2014 have approached the Peshawar High Court to seek reply from the quarters concerned over the incident. The same court had earlier stopped the government from releasing Ehsan and holding a trial of him for all the murders that himself had admitted to have committed.

Ehsan was on record claiming responsibility for some of the deadliest suicide attacks in Pakistan. The government needs to come clean on it. An offi cial detailed statement on what has or has not transpired shall help put to rest all the rumours that are growing by the minute. Media commentary on the subject, in the absence of any credible source speaking on it, is only confounding the issue. Particularly now when the APS tragedy aff ected families have petitioned the court, it is important to off er them a satisfactory answer in this regard.