No plan to change status of Shariat Court, NA told



Ijaz Khan/Tariq Virk


The National Assembly was told on Monday that the government was not planning to change the Constitutional statue of Federal Shariat Court.

Parliamentary Secretary Andleeb Abbas informed the session that special funds are available for financial assistance of overseas Pakistanis, adding that funds are being used for legal assistance of overseas Pakistanis implicated in different cases abroad.

There is no courier service in Pakistan with which Pakistan Post Office can be merged. The Pakistan Office when handed over to this government, its trust deficit was Rs52 billion. The former government had transported Rs17.50 percent costly LNG which could be sold at the rate of six rupees.

Pak-Afghan Gas Pipeline Project was not started in the best interest of the country.

As many as 112 billion rupees were recovered from power thieves and as many as 18,000 cases were registered against power thieves.

It was informed that the Jammu and Kashmir issued raised by this government was never raised before by any government.

It was also informed that 803 Pakistani nationals are locked in Afghanistan jails and since 2018, 52 Pakistanis has been released from Afghan jails.

Federal ministers Umar Ayub Khan and Ali Muhammad Khan, Parliamentary Secretary foreign affairs Andleeb Abbas, Parliamentary Secretary petroleum informed the Parliament.

The Parliament session was held in the chair of Speaker Asad Qaisar.

PPP leader Naveed Qamar, when session started, raised objection that no replay was given on behalf of ministry of petroleum. He said that in Sindh cable operators were under the provincial government due to which death occurred.

Abdul Qadir responded cable operators are under Pemra not under the Sindh government.

Umar Ayub said our people have stood victim of cable operators, adding that the ministry compensate families of the victims.

Muhammad Ali Khan said that no constitutional changes were being planned in the status of Federal Shariat Court. The government has no plan to change constitutional status of any institution.