SC orders to ensure female IOs in women-related cases




The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday, while expressing displeasure over appointment of male investigation officer (IO) in case pertaining to woman, ordered that investigation into women-related cases by a female IO should be ensured.

The court directed IG Punjab to display the SOP in all police stations and provide its Urdu translation to all SHOs.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa reprimanded SP for calling IG as IG Sahb remarking there is no IG Sahb and IG is only IG.

He remarked we got independence in 1947 and police is still in colonial era.  IG is not called IG Sahb any where in the world. Police should change its mindset and come out of state of slavery.

The court expressed resentment over appointment of male investigation officer in a female case.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked only female investigation officers can investigate cases pertaining to females.

The counsel said that investigation into an alleged kidnapping and raping case pertaining to woman at Gujranwala was got done by a male investigation officer. When the court raised question on investigation by a male IO then SP issued show cause to male investigation officer.

The court raised question on issuing of show cause notice by SP.

The court remarked can SP issue show cause notice to his subordinate to whom he appoints.

The law officer said SP cannot issue show cause notice. We will withdraw show cause notice.

The court ordered to take action against the SHO of respective police station for nominating male IO.

The court later disposed of the petition.