Indian belligerence

LoC violations a way to deflect attention



State elections in India are proving a nightmare for the ruling BJP. After getting a through drubbing in other states, Delhi too has shown its aversion to the fascist brand of BJP politics. As results were about to be confirmed, the Aam Admi Party had more than two-thirds majority in the house with 56 seats to its name whereas the BJP was a distant second by claiming only 14 seats. Another surprise was that Congress failed to secure even a single seat. The other parties that in the previous elections had two representatives in Delhi, too have been wiped out completely.

That and the protests that have been going on for some weeks in every nook and cranny of the country over citizenship law most certainly have frustrated the Modi sarkar. Jammu and Kashmir cauldron is a separate thing that is not going to go away that easily. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan during a speech in AJK on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day had said that this action of Modi shall pave the way for Kashmir’s independence.  The PM had also warned the world that in frustration India might launch a false flag operation. Not quite having the courage to do that, it, to divert attention from the unrest and the ignominious defeat at home, yet again resorted to unprovoked firing across the Line of Control (LoC), injuring 10 civilians along Jandrot and Nikial sectors. This was said by the Inter Services Public Relations on Monday. The Indian forces mortars and used other heavy weapon, targeting the civilians. Ten people, including two children and as many women, sustained serious injuries. They were evacuated to a nearby medical facility for necessary treatment. According to ISPR, Pakistani troops effectively responded and inflicted substantial damage on the Indian posts involved in initiating the fire. As a result, one Indian soldier was killed and three including a major was injured.

The Foreign Office summoned Indian Charge d’Affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia today to register Pakistan’s strong protest over the ceasefire violations by Indian forces along the LoC in several villages of Kotli. The FO reminded the Indian envoy that the LoC violations were against the spirit of the 2003 Ceasefire Understanding and complete disregard for international human rights and international norms. It also said such incidents pose a constant threat to regional peace and security. The FO highlighted that such acts on part of India can never divert attention from the worsening human rights situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The office also reiterated its demand that India should permit the United Nations Military Observer Group to play its mandated role as per United Nations Security Council resolutions. The world must realize that India and Pakistan are two nuclear armed states, and such irresponsible attitude on part of India that has been claiming lives of innocent people for quite some time might get out of control some day. It is important that the world capitals having influence with Delhi must try and dissuade it from engaging in dangerous games along the working boundary with Pakistan. The world and the region shall be better for it.