Elements expedited efforts for rector Comsats





The long-awaited Rector position in Comsats University Islamabad is likely to be filled soon.

It has been revealed through reliable sources that some elements in the institution have expedited their efforts to get selected their candidate.

For the post of rector 70 scholars have submitted their credentials, among them 40 were called for interview and five names were sent to senate of the institution.

Now on Feb 26, senate will announce three names, which were sent to President of Pakistan, and a name would be finalized as rector of Comsats.

The rector position fell vacant in March 2017 and the interim charge was assigned to the senior-most professor Dr Raheel Qamar and no permanent appointment has been made up till now.

As per the set rule, within the prescribed period of six months, a permanent rector would be in place in accordance with para 15 of Employees Service Statues 2; however, all the affairs are being run on adhoc basis due to which often problems surfacing in the highly reputed university.

Sources said that the search committee is going to finalize five names which would be presented before the Senate for its consideration and the Chancellor will appoint one of them as Rector of CUI. There would be a debate on five names considering their merits and demerits.