Democratic system in country being weakened: Bilawal

PPP Chairman lambast govt over poor performance




Tariq Virk


PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said the PTI government has failed to deliver to the public.

He said this while speaking to media persons in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The democratic system in the country is being weakened, adding that the PPP doesn’t except any interim set up in the country.

The PPP chairman said people were being financially pressed and the PTI government has ‘sold’ public basic rights. He said no one would be able to manage bread and butter by depositing dollars in bank accounts. He added that the agreement made by the PTI government with IMF was not presented in the Parliament.

Bilawal made it clear that the PPP doesn’t support PTI agreement with IMF, adding that the agreement documents should be thrown to dustbin.

The PTI is involved in the financial death of public, adding that reducing current account trust deficit doesn’t provide bread and butter to people.

The PPP chief further said the way PTI was going into agreements, they are further drowning our national economy.

He said it is the right of the Parliament to ask questions from ministers about the country affairs. No government in the past took the loans as taken by the PTI government in the past 15 months.