Sale of air-defense weapons to India by US ‘disturbing’: FO  




Pakistan has termed the US decision to sell integrated air defense weapon system to India as disturbing saying it will further destabilise the already volatile region. At her weekly news briefi ng in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Offi ce Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said the sale of such sophisticated weapons to India would disturb the strategic balance in South Asia with security implications for Pakistan and the region. She said the defense relations between the US and India are contributing to destabilization of peace and security in South Asia.

Farooqui went on to say that the international community was fully aware of India’s aggressive policy designs against Pakistan and the threatening statements of Indian political and military leadership. She said South Asia could not aff ord an arms race and confl ict. “It is therefore incumbent upon the international community to prevent destabilisation of the region.” Voicing concerns over increased ceasefi re agreement violations by India, the spokesperson said India has committed two hundred and seventy two ceasefi re violations since the start of this year.