Ministry to develop sports facilities in provinces: Dr Fehmida


Staff Report


Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC), Dr Fehmida Mirza on Thursday said to engage youth into healthy activities, the ministry has planned to start developing sports facilities in the less developed areas of all provinces.

During a meeting with Air Vice Marshal Abdul Moeed Khan the minister discussed ways of cooperation for promoting sports in the country, said a press release issued here.

Dr Fehmida said the Ministry plans to start developing sports facilities in the less developed areas of all provinces including Gilgit Baltistan. “These sports facilities will prevent youth from involving in other illicit activities,” she said.

Another area that became part of discussion pertains to the sports ground which belongs to PSB located in the Skardu. The minister discussed her ambitions to convert that land into a sports facility for the local population to enable them to take part in the international sports events in a befitting manner.

Dr Fehmida said sports diplomacy can do wonders in promoting cordial relations of Pakistan with other countries. She recalled her visit to Nepal in the South Asian Games and appreciated the attitude of the Nepalese towards Pakistani athletes.

“The Nepali spectators not only gave a warm welcome to the Pakistani team but also cheered for the players at each win, which in turn took their confidence to another level,” she said.

She said Islamabad has got the state-of-the-art facility, in the shape of Pakistan Sports Complex but has not been utilized to its potential. “A number of Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) were signed with many countries previously, but no work was done later on, hence no tangible results could be achieved,” she said.

She also cited the example of sports rehabilitation facilities at Azerbaijan which she witnessed during her visit to the region.

She also expressed her desire to replicate their model in Pakistan as well, for which she desired that ministry and the services should work in tandem.

The minister underscored that sports were not only a source of joy and fun but also plays a major role in maintaining physical fitness and general well being of an individual.

“All provinces, federal government and the services should work in synergy and collaborate with each other to get most out of it,” she said.

The AVM assured the minister of full support and cooperation especially regarding winter sports and squash. He also congratulated the minister for the Pakistan Kabaddi team which won the World Cup by beating arch-rivals India in the final saying the kabaddi team has made the whole nation proud.

He apprised the minister regarding the installation of skiing simulators in Karachi, upon which Dr Fehmida requested that such simulators should be installed at Skardu and other sports facilities as well. The AVM acceded to her request.

Air Vice Marshal also requested the minister that during her visit to Tukey, she should try to get the authorities to sign a MOU regarding sending their players to Pakistan for sports activities on regular basis.

“This will help in boosting the self-confidence of our players and will prepare them for international events,” he said.

The AVM also invited Dr Fehmida to attend the Khunjerab Marathon event which was to take place in August, to which she agreed.