Weekly Reflections: Refreshing the Ideology of Pakistan


Dr Abdul Saboor

Today, we should commemorate Pakistan Day proudly with such a new feeling and fervor that we are living a graceful and grandeur life in this independent country which was achieved with the untiring statesmanship of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and philosophical wisdom of Allama Muhammad Iqbal . We should feel elevated that either it is First World or Second World, our strategic position and leadership role in the diplomatic front has finally been acknowledged remarkably. Though, many attacks were made from several corners of the world by producing wild literature and quasi-scholarly narratives to nullify the ideology of Pakistan but, in reality, the same helped in promoting rather than negating the argument of two nation theory.

History has been testifying the validity of the idea of two nations in many ways. The advocates of throwing this idea into Bay of Bengal could not realize the fact that it was actually replicated in the shape of creation of Bangladesh. Similarly what India has been manipulating through Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka has finally been concluded with the efforts of Pakistan. The landlocked Nepal is still struggling hard to come out of the nexus of India. The latest political and constitutional developments in India have put the final nail into the coffin of ‘Great India’ and thus proved the sanctity of two nation theory.

From this dwindling nation of India, many new nations would appear in the surface of globe sooner or later. There is no denying the fact that Two Nation Theory is still making its application in other nationalism spirits including Kashmiris and Sikhs . The fact of the matter of emergence of two nation theory is that at the end of nineteenth century and start of twentieth century, Hindus initially raised the slogan Greater India which revealed their chauvinism that convinced the Muslim leaders to go for a separate homeland. AT occasion, Jinnah was ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity. The ‘Hindu of Hindus’ approach opened the real face of the followers of ‘Smiling Budha’. Rest is history.

Two Nation Theory and Pakistan army are tightly knitted together. Army is certainly the only branded institution in the country that has been consistently protecting both the major and minor elements of two nation theory. With the financial and scholarly support of India and the West, pile of articles and books were written to paint negative image of Pak Army but it always appeared as more magnanimous and more mature crisis after crisis. Some journalists and scholars were purchased through awards and scholarships. Even a few Pakistani politicians were procured as a senior diplomat has very recently declared that the bureaucrats were ordered to be silent to say something about India.

Unfortunate is the situation that efforts are still in progress to poison the young generation about the real elements of two nation theory by fabricating some narratives based on half truths. Realizing the fact that half truth is more dangerous  than the complete wrong, such kind of propaganda should be strictly monitored and snubbed through implementing prevailing laws against anti-state elements. Some pseudo-intellectuals working at the pay roll of ‘others’ are trumpeting wrong narratives by coining anti-state philosophies going against the rhymes of ideology of Pakistan. The image of Pakistan army could no more be shaken if their dark faces are revealed to the masses by countering in novel genius ways.

Most of the notorious  may be seen enjoying their evenings in famous foreign embassies in Islamabad and at some occasions, one can find them enjoying in controversial women marches. With their red faces, they try to make the worthy name of Pakistan Army awkward ignoring the huge contributions and services of this proud state organ for the country. They can just be counted in figures for marketing the same anti-state slogans as any enemy in Afghanistan or India in echoing. Backed by some media groups, they try to spread the imported and designed ideas to the youth most of which are not in favor  of the nation state system of Pakistan. There is no harm if their files are opened for the public.

At the very name of freedom of thought and on the odd plea of human rights, they actually attempt to challenge the moral rights of public by imposing a specially designed  knowledge not beneficial for their social, political and economic life.  But, in spite of that, for many years of efforts and with the pouring of huge sum of money from abroad, most of them have failed to incorporate secularism in the nation state system. No dent could be put on the ideology of Pakistan as the nation is under safe auspices of proud army and the true patriots. Frustration of defeat can be observed from their disappointed faces

There are some deprived pockets in Baluchistan, KPK and GB where such crusaders get succeeded to transmit their anti-army and anti-state narratives. Similarly, in big cities like that of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, some limited so called intellectual circles invite scholars from UK and USA who are actually Indians. In seminars and debates, open ‘vomiting’ is done to disqualify Pakistan’s ideology. Such facts call for a great deal of effort and energy to be poured into the social and political systems by refreshing the very idea of two nation theory in many fronts.

Therefore, it is high time to invigorate the narratives of Two Nation Theory by disseminating the actual information at the table of young learners. Keeping the changing and challenging dynamics of the world in view, the ideology of Pakistan needs to be refreshed through novel patterns by utilizing the power of computer technology. Anti-state elements can only be diluted if the opportunities and weak points are not left for the proxy writers for narrating against the state in different pockets of the country. Grievances of various communities need to be addressed through state interventions as quickly as possible before the crook intellectuals could take benefit of such porous situation.

Some think tanks and ideological forums may be established with the core objective of defending the imperatives of ideology of Pakistan. These should be linked with the academia for research and dissemination purposes. Universities and colleges may provide advisory services and technical support in designing the elegant image of state pillars. Opportunities may also be provided to the confused classes of society to tender their grievances in a portal specially designed for this purpose. Such an opportunity of catharsis may mild the situation going to be more adverse. This would also help to filter down the real aggrieved and anti-state schemers. For the latter, some new legislative measures should be formulated.

Special programs, seminars and conferences may be conducted in all cities to refresh the ideology of Pakistan. Some carefully drafted pamphlets and booklets in local languages may also be produced to distribute among the young generation for their learning of real story of Pakistan. An audio and video version of such point of view may also be prepared for the ignorant an illiterate communities. All across the country, an Ideological Movement needs to be launched to revive the Two Nation Theory and its benefits in this dynamic world. Once the young generation is conceptually strong in the connotation of ideology of Pakistan, it would be impossible for anyone to transmit any negative thought in their minds against the army, country and its true Pakistanis.