Coronavirus, a catastrophe for the poor



By Shamshad Mangat


Deadly Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. A number of causalities are reported in Pakistan as well, but unfortunately Pakistani public is not taking it seriously.

Although traffic has thinned out on the  roads, motorcyclists are seen carrying whole family  travelling around the town.

It shows that the down trodden public of Pakistan, who earn their livelihood at day time then have their bread and butter for night are struggling hard for their survival and this segment of our society is unaware of the deadliest novel Coronavirus. On the other hand people having luxurious life taking the Coronavirus as a serious threat.

One can see people playing games in parks and playgrounds and enjoying cards as well in the federal capital. The government doesn’t want to create panic among masses by taking strict measures. But the fact is that the government has to take strict measures to stop the masses from leaving their homes as public does not seem willing to take precautionary measures in the wake of deadly novel Coronavirus.

As far as the people with meagre resources are concerned, the government has to give relief to this marginalized segment of society through Rs665bn savings in the import bill which is nothing less than a Gidsend  for the   poor peoples of the country.

Another benefit announced through IMF for the government is 3 weeks delay in loan amount, this Rs3000bn amount can also be used to offer relief to the marginalized.

On the other hand IMF has also constituted a fund for Coronavirus affected countries, continuous spread of virus in Pakistan should compell the IMF to allocate a handsome amount for relief activities in Pakistan.

Government should watxhfully use all this incoming aid amount, as the ruling party has a mask-wearing mafia in its ranks which is dangerous for  Imran Khan and Pakistani public.

Earlier, the aid coming from abroad for earthquake victims was grabbed by mafia.

WHO also mulling to announce a huge aid assistance package for Pakistan so an oversight mechanism shall be required for this amount as well.

It is unfortunate that government has not posted a permanent minister for the health portfolio. DrZafar Mirza is  working as health adviser, who was allegedly involved in smuggling of masks to Afghanistan.

We appeal to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to take strict measures to devise an oversight mechanism to give relief to down trodden masses of Pakistan as huge amount of aid is expect from abroad and Pakistan as well.