Fawad calls for collective effort to battle coronavirus





Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary Monday urged all the institutions, the federal and provincial governments and general public must be on the one page to defeat the menace of coronavirus epidemic.

Talking to Radio current Affair programme, he appealed the general public and media to come together for a collective fight towards prevention of COVID-19.

The most important thing was that every individual has to play its due role in this crucial time, he said, adding, it was responsibility of the citizens to refrain from social gatherings and avoid unnecessary travel.

Pakistan was facing an unprecedented challenge in the shape of Covid-19 pandemic, Fawad said.

The government was observing the whole situation carefully and would not hesitate to take any measures in order to contain the spread of coronavirus, he assured.

He advised that the general public needs to cooperate with the government and follow the instructions and advisories issued by the government in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Covid-19 has emerged as a global challenge and it was not a political issue.

All the opposition parties except some fanatics have shown their commitment to fully cooperate with the government to counter the challenge of Covid-19, he said.

The ignorance of people may cause further spread of the coronavirus, he warned.