Capital’s residents adopting social distancing

The  police and district administration stringently enforced the ban on public gatherings and events in the twin cities.





Citizens of Islamabad were practicing social distancing under government’s orders amid the increasing health situation in country due to Coronavirus as roads and streets of Islamabad were desolated on Tuesday here even after long weekend.

All the main markets and business, centres  witnessed less human presence on Tuesday after practical measures were taken by the capital’s administration including the deployment of army on main roads of the city.

Bazars and malls, which were allowed to remain open to ensure the supply of essential goods to citizens, looked bereft of customers.

After spending a long weekend including public holiday of Pakistan Day at homes, islooiites were only allowed to come out in extreme emergency situations or those who were bound to be present at offices. Although, many public and private offices have directed their employees to ‘work from home’ for those who can perform their duties online.

Despite the pleasant weather with light rains in the federal capital, recreational sites such as Shakarparian, National Monument, Margalla Hills, etc looked deserted.

With practical cooperation with the administration, the residents of Islamabad have shown that they have realized that the government alone cannot prevent the outbreak if people do not abide by the laws and performs their civic duties.

A local, Nabeel Ahmad, said that he was preferring to stay home to  fully support the measures announced by the government. “It was not only for my safety but also for others’ sake as I don’t want to be source of spreading the virus if any”, he added.

Another resident Umer Shaukat told APP that unnecessarily going out or buying essential good more than you need will only create panic among public. “As a member of civil society this was high time for us to pursue our moral duties towards country and stay home as much as we can”, he added

“We can only get rid of the virus through joint efforts,” he said, adding that most people are now avoiding venturing outside of their homes.

Meanwhile, the police and district administration stringently enforced the ban on public gatherings and events in the twin cities.

Amid pandemic of Coronavirus, all the cultural activities at main art institution have already been cancelled following government’s instruction of avoiding the gatherings.