I was ousted through a structured conspiracy: Sattar



Reacting to the decision of his removal, Farooq Sattar said he was ousted through a “structured conspiracy”.

“The issue was not about the nomination of one person — they [Bahadurabad group] actually wanted to nominate their favourites,” Sattar claimed. “They are cloaking their selfish interests in their objection to [Tessor’s] nomination for Senate seats”

“If I had made all the mistakes they claim I have made, why did they wait for the Senate election to act on them?” he asked.

“And if I had usurped all the powers in the party, how did they so successfully hold multiple meetings without my knowledge and conspire against me as well?”

“They haven’t just sacked me: they have deprived every deserving worker of the party of his due right,” he said.

“The party members had issues with me holding the authority of nominating party representatives,” he explained. “I was forever the force obstructing the selling out of Karachi and the empowerment of the qabza mafia.”

“If these people were sincere about finding a solution to the crisis, they wouldn’t have signed a declaration for my ouster on February 7 — at the same time they were sending delegations to negotiate with me.”

“The verdict will be delivered by the people’s court today,” he announced, before inviting all party workers to the KMC ground in PIB Colony for a grand convention.

“This was just a trailer: the full film will play at the KMC ground,” he said.